Managing To-Do's

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To create To-Do items, select "To-Do's" from the Documents tab within your project. From there, click the +New To-Do button in the top right corner. This will open a new pop-up window, prompting you to fill out information for the new To-Do item. Fill out all the necessary fields, upload any files you like, then select Create To-Do

Once a To-Do item has been created, you will see any of the following options depending on your permissions: 

  • Mark Complete: marks To-Do item completed and sends creator a notification to verify it 

  • Reassign: assign it to a different individual

  • Request Clarification: request additional information  

  • Delete: delete the item 

Other options may be:

  • Verify: once an item has been completed, creator can verify it

  • Re-Open: once an item has been completed and verified, creator can re-open it 

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