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Payment Applications, Schedule of Values, Budgets and Contracts are all linked to one another. Here's how it works.

  • Budgets are created and contracts awarded 

  • When a contract is awarded and pay apps enabled, the system will generate Pending Schedule of Values as seen below. 

  • When Pending Schedule of Values are submitted and approved, it will generate a Payment Application below. 

Here are the steps to follow:

Open the Pay App to view Pending Schedule of Values and click on a contract. 

When you open Pending Schedule of Value, you must add or import Line Items to go from Pending Schedule of Values to Schedule of Values bringing the Difference to $0.00.

Once all the line items have been entered correctly and you have $0 Difference between Total Contract Value and Total Value Scheduled, you can select Submit or other options available. 

  • Submit: submits Pending Schedule of Values for Approval 

  •  Import: allows you to import line items from CSV file format  

  • Add a Follower: allows you to give access to ASI for people outside the project and the company 

  • Mark as High Priority: adds a high priority tag

  • Export PDF: allows you to download the change order as a PDF

  • Send an Email: allows you to send the change order to an email 

Once you Submit the schedule of values, it has to be approved by an individual set up in the approval chain. The following options will become available: 

  • Approve: converts it to Schedule of Values 

  • Mark as Revise ad Resubmit: sends it back to approver for revision 

Below is an overview of the payment application that has not yet been submitted. 

Here are some of the functionalities: 

  • Submit: submits the payment application 

  • Change Pay Period: allows you to change the pay period

  • Delete Pay App and Revise: allows you to convert the pay app back to pending schedule of values 

  • Edit Retainage for All: update retainage percent value 

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