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Folder Permissions in Files & Photos
When creating new folders in Files, you may customize folder permissions thus limiting/allowing access to the folder and files contained in that folder. To do this, open Files, select and open a project file, click Create Folder and use the following options to customize: 

  1. Private: only creator can see this folder 

  2. Publicly Viewable: everyone on the project can see the files but only creator can make changes

  3. Publicly Editable: everyone on the project has ability to view and also edit the folder

  4. Invite Users: if you mark the folder private but would like to a particular user to have access to the files, you can add them here.

Time Zones

To ensure the time zone is reflected accurately, please be sure to update your company information. This can be easily done by going to Settings and editing your company's zip code and time zone. For detailed instructions, please refer to this article in the help center. 

If you are trying to update a worker in Timesheets but when you click save, it switches to "Undefined" and won't allow you to save updates, check the status of the workers. If they have not yet accepted an invite to join the company or have not yet set up their  accounts, this error may occur. 

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