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How to manage submittals

Updated over a week ago

There are two ways to create Submittals. One, create Submittal from the Submittal required, and two, create new Submittal from the documents page. 

Let's look at creating a Submittal from Submittal Required.

First method is by clicking "+New Submittal Required":

Fill out the form and click Create Submittal Required.

Once Submittal required is created, the assignee can select Create Submittal which will open the window below. Other options are to:

  • Create Submittal: creates a submittal using pre-populated form 

When you select Create Submittal from the above page, all the information will be pre-populated. The assignee can simply upload files and click Update.

Another way to create a submittal is by clicking + New Submittal from the main page as shown below: 

Once the Submittal has been updated by assignee, assignor will have the following options depending on the user project permissions: 

  • Mark Reviewed: marks the submittal as reviewed and sends it out for approval

  • Mark Reviewed as Noted: marks the submittal as reviewed with a note and sends it out for approval

  • Mark as Revise and Resubmit: sends submittal back to the assignee to be revised and resubmitted

  • Receipt Acknowledged: sends a notification that you have received the file 

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