How to Create Invoices

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To create an invoice, select + New Invoice button:

Once the New Invoice page opens, you may enter the invoice details as well as line items. When you enter quantity and price for each line item, it will automatically calculate the total. You can add more Line Items using + Add Row button. To generate the invoice, select Create Invoice button: 

Once an Invoice has been created, here are some of the actions you can take: 

  1. Approve: allows you to approve an invoice

  2. Mark as Revise and Resubmit: allows you to mark the invoice as revised with a note and resubmit 

  3. Assign to User: allows you to change the person who the invoice is assigned to

  4. Delete: allows you to delete ASI

  5. Add a Follower: allows you to give access to ASI for people outside the project and the company 

  6. Mark as High Priority: adds a high priority tag

  7. Attach a File: allows you to attach an additional file

  8. Export PDF: allows you to download the change order as a PDF

  9. Send an Email: allows you to send the change order to an email 

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