Display Punch-list Items, RFIs and To-Do's on your Daily Reports

The Daily Reports tool helps share project activity with your team. We have now added the ability to display Punch-list items, RFIs and To-Do's on your daily reports based on when the documents are created and completed. To enable, please go to your company's Daily Report settings.

*Note: Only users with the Company Admin permission can enable this feature. Your company also has to have an active Daily Reports' subscription.

Date filter and multi-download for Daily Reports Photos

Now you can filter the View All Photos page by date range and multi-select photos for download. To multi-select, hover over a photo and click the checkbox in the upper-left corner.

Navigate to a Project > Daily Reports > View All Photos

Change Orders Global Report

Now you can view Change Orders across all of your projects in a single report. If you click on a Change Order row, you will be taken to that specific Change Order in a project. The back arrow next to the Change Order title, will take you back to the global report or you can hover over the arrow to see the other breadcrumbs.

Settings (Left Nav) > Reports > Change Orders Global Report

Added Document Links to the Document Log Excel Exports

We have added a URL column to the far right of each document log excel export. This gives you one-click access, so that you can easily navigate to individual documents.

To enable this option, please click on the column options icon to the left of the Back and Next pagination buttons at the top of each document log table and unhide the URL column at the bottom of the list.

RFIs Global Report

Now you can view RFIs across all of your projects in a single report. If you click on a RFI row, you will be taken to that specific RFI in a project. The back arrow next to the RFI title, will take you back to the global report or you can hover over the arrow to see the other breadcrumbs.

Settings (Left Nav) > Reports > RFIs Global Report

Submittals Global Report

Now you can view payment applications across all of your projects in a single report. If you click on a submittal row, you will be taken to that specific submittal in a project. The back arrow next to the submittal title, will take you back to the global report or you can hover over the arrow to see the other breadcrumbs.

Settings (Left Nav) > Reports > Submittals Global Report

Payment Applications Global Report

Now you can view payment applications across all of your projects in a single report. If you click on a payment application row, you will be taken to that specific payment application in a project. The back arrow next to the payment application title, will take you back to the global report or you can hover over the arrow to see the other breadcrumbs.

Settings (Left Nav) > Reports > Pay Apps Global Report

Custom Default Spec Section and Submittal Type Setting

If you use custom Spec Sections and Submittal Types on your projects, you can now set the default spec section and submittal type setting to Custom for all new projects. This update will make sure that no one accidentally creates submittals on your projects with the system generated default lists.

Settings (Left Nav) > Documents

Related Items in Documents

Now when you create an ASI, Change Order, Invoice, Punch-List Item, RFI, Submittal or To-Do, you can also reference other related documents that are also on the project. For example, if you are creating a submittal and have an RFI that is relevant to the submittal, you can add the RFI as a related item. A hyperlink for the RFI will appear on the Submittal’s Overview page and pdf export. This new feature helps with centralizing all relevant information about a specific document, so you don’t have to waste time searching.

Look for the Related Items field at the bottom of the form when creating a ASI, Change Order, Invoice, Punch-List Item, RFI, Submittal or To-Do.

Add New or Existing Company Contacts to a Project when Creating or Editing a Contract.

We have streamlined adding company contacts to a project when creating or editing a contract. Now when you search in the Contractor field for a new or existing company that is not on the project, a "Not seeing the company you're looking for? Click here to add them." link will appear. Clicking the link will launch the Add New/Existing Company to Project pop up, where you can search for existing company contacts or create a new company contact as well as set the project role. The company will be auto-filled in the Contractor field after being added to the project.

Navigate to a Project > Budgets > New or Edit Contract > Search in Contractor Field > Not seeing the company you're looking for? Click here to add them. > Add New/Existing Company to Project

Default Followers for Project Documents

Followers are great way to keep project members informed via email when a document is completed or when a project member needs access to a document that is outside of the scope of their permissions.

When a document is created, the document creator and project members in the approval chain are automatically added as followers. Now we have added the ability to set default followers, so you can automatically add any project member to new documents.

This update applies to ASIs, Change Orders, Invoices, Owner Invoices, Pay Apps, RFIs and Submittals.

Navigate to a Project > Project Settings > Document tab > Default Followers

  • Change Orders have separate default followers for each type (non-owners, owners, contingency).

  • Project Controller permissions are required

Small Design Updates

  • Scrolling updates.

    • Tabs on the page will stay visible as you scroll.

    • Table column headers will stay fixed as you scroll.

    • Fixed columns on the document log and financial report tables, where you scroll horizontally. For example, the RFI # column stays fixed when you scroll to the right.

  • Project Roles has been moved from Company Settings to the Contacts page.

  • On the main nav on the left, we updated the style for the active tab to make it clearer which tab is selected.

  • Favorited Projects on the dashboard now have quick-links to the latest daily report and project members page.

  • Schedule of Value documents now have their own page, so they don't push down the Payment Application table.

New Company Contact People tab

We have added a People tab in company contacts to show you which people are associated with company contact.

People (left nav) > Companies > Company contact > People tab

New Contacts Company Page and Company Field Search

We have updated Contacts to include a new Companies page, which eliminates the clutter of having Person contacts and Company contacts mixed in the same place. This will also help you spot any duplicate company contacts.

In order to help standardize company names and eliminate any duplicates, we have also added a company search field to the New Person pop-up. Now when you create a Person contact, you will be able to search for an existing Company contact name and link the Person contact to that Company contact. If you can't find the company name when searching, a New Company option will appear in the search field so that you can create a Company contact without having to leave the form.

As a result, if you ever update the name of a Company contact, the company name will also be updated on all of the linked Person contacts as well. This will help standardize the company names listed in your contacts.

People > Contacts or People > Companies


New Contacts column orders and filters

We have completely rebuilt the Contacts' table for speedy filtering and sorting and the ability to show/hide different columns. Now you can filter by Tags, Job Title, Address, City, State, ZipCode, County/Locale, Country, Mobile, Phone 1, Phone 2, Fax, Notes.

New Document Summary Grid Updates

We have replaced In Review and Completed with Open and Closed in the document summary grid. Open and Closed states include a combination of all document statuses, so that no documents fall through the cracks.

Project Duration Bar

The Project Duration bar provides you and your team with a visual representation of how close you are to the forecasted finish date of each project. You can use this data to make actionable decisions that help you and your teams stay on or ahead of schedule.

When you add a Start and Finish date to your projects, you will see a progress bar at the top of each Project Summary page.

Project Switcher

We've added a way for you to quickly navigate between your favorite projects. From within any project, you can now click the project name at the top to expose a drop down menu of your favorite projects so that you can quickly jump between them. You'll need to have at least one project "favorited" before this appears.

Daily Report Global Settings

Now you can manage daily report settings across ALL projects with our global settings option. Change the time all Daily Report emails go out, whether or not you'd like to see Timesheets or weather data on Daily Reports, etc.

Settings (left nav) > Daily Reports


Submittals Required Import Feature

From the Submittals page within your project, click New Submittal Required and from the dropdown options select Import and proceed to import your CSV file.

Once you've successfully imported the file, you'll be taken to an import wizard screen where you can select which columns from your file correlate to the items in BuildingBlok. Once you've selected the appropriate items for each column (note: you cannot repeat options), press Verify and Save and the import will begin.

New PDF Designs

Good News!

We've updated your PDF exports to newer, cleaner, more professional designs!

New Document Table Filtering!

Great News!

We completely rebuilt our document tables for speed. All filtering is now accessible in the Filter dropdown in the upper-left corner.

Update: Filters now save your search when you click the back arrow in an individual document and return to the log page. To view all records again, please click Clear in the filter dropdown.

Custom Employee ID Fields

Our newest product feature allows you to add customized IDs for your employees!

People (left nav) > Employee > Edit > Employee ID

This change will be reflected in exported Worker Detail Reports and Timesheet Worker Reports.

Contacts Admin Icons

Great news- you can now easily view who is and is not a BuildingBlok admin in one quick glance!

People (left nav) > Contacts

Now when you visit the "People" page in BuildingBlok, you’ll be able to easily tell which users in your company are admin and which are non-admin. Admin users will be marked with an orange icon and be clearly labeled as “Company admin,” while non-admin users will have green icons. No more clicking around!

Archiving Timesheet Codes

Archiving codes has never been easier.

Timesheets (left nav) > Codes > Archive in the code's Actions dropdown.

Unarchive Codes

Change "Status" filter to Archived > Restore in the code's Actions dropdown.

Reset Employee Passwords

The ability to update passwords for employees is now available to all company admins.

People (left nav) > Employee > More Actions > Reset Password

*The "Reset Password" option is only available on employees who have active accounts. Newly invited employees will need to first confirm their email by accepting the invitation to join BuildingBlok. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Dropbox Integration is here!

If you are working on Daily Reports, RFIs or any other documents, you can upload files and images directly from your Dropbox account from the attachments page in each document.

Hide Timesheets

If you have signed up for the Standard and Pro plans and do not use Timesheets, you can now hide all Timesheet functionality by going to the Timesheets settings’ tab in your company settings and toggle on the Hide all Timesheets functionality option.

Settings (left nav) > Timesheets > Hide all Timesheets functionality

Once toggled, all Timesheet related pages and Dashboard Cards will be hidden. Any past data is still saved and Timesheets can be revealed at any time.


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