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The Dashboard is where you can get a quick glance at what is important. Depending on the tools you have enabled or if you have been invited to a project, the Dashboard is primarily organized into separate sections: Things to do, Company Board, Favorite Projects, My Clock, Workers, and Hours Worked.  Learn more
BuildingBlok makes it simple to find the documents that require your action. If you are part of a company that has been invited to a project to create construction documents (ASIs, Change Orders, RFIs, etc.), all documents assigned to you will be in your Global Inbox.
The Projects page is where you will find all of the active and archived projects that you’re on.  Learn more

The People page is where you can manage all of your employees and external contacts.  Learn more

The Files page is where you can access and share all of your project files.  
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My Account
The My Account page contains your user profile information. This is where you can update your name, email address, password, and global notification settings.

Company Settings – For company admins

The Company Settings section is where you can update your company info, manage your employees' email notifications, set your project roles, add/update billing info, enable/disable apps, and update Daily Reports and Timesheets’ settings.

What's Next?

Now that you know how to create and access your projects in BuildingBlok, click here to learn more of the basics.

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