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Things to do
The Things to do section brings together all of the items that need your attention. Some of the items are system setup related (i.e. Upload your company logo, Setup Timesheets.) and others are actionable items that are user generated.

Things to do: Approve Employees
If you are part of a company that has been invited to a project and you are the company admin, you might see a notification asking you to "You have (1) employee(s) to approve." To project you from random users gaining access to your company, any users invited to a project under your company name will need to be approved by a company admin before joining a company.

Things to do: Assigned Documents
If you are part of a company that has been invited to a project to create construction documents (ASIs, Change Orders, RFIs, etc.), you might see "You have (2) documents assigned to you." This item links to your Global Inbox, which displays all documents assigned to you.

Company Board
The company board is great place to display a message (i.e. office is closing early) for all employees to see.  Company admins can update the company board.  When an employee goes to their dashboard, they will they will see what the company admin has added.

For Timesheets users, the dashboard gives use quick access to your Timesheet data. If you are a company admin, you will see the My Clock, Workers and Hours Worked cards. If you are not a company admin, you will only see the My Clock card.

Timesheets: My Clock
The My Clock card gives you a quick a way to clock yourself in or go to the Entries page to clock in the reset of your team.

Timesheets: Workers
The Workers card gives you an overview of which Workers have a pending invitation and those that currently clocked in.

Timesheets: Hours Worked
The Hours Worked card provides a summary of all of the time entries that were created in the current week.

What's Next?

Now that you know how to create and access your projects in BuildingBlok, click here to learn more of the basics.

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