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Inviting your team

How to invite and manage your contacts in BuildingBlok

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Now that you’ve created a projects, it’s time to start collaborating with your team and really get the most out of BuildingBlok.

The People tab is where you can organize all of your contacts in one place. There are 3 types of records that can be created: employees, workers, and contacts.

are users are part of your company and have been invited to use BuildingBlok.

Workers are users that have been invited to use BuildingBlok for Timesheets tracking.

Contacts are users that fit into one of the following categories:

  • An existing BuildingBlok user that is not linked to your company.

  • A regular address book contact that is not linked to any user in BuildingBlok.

+ New Employee

To add a new employee, click on the People tab in the left navigation bar. Then click on the +Employee button that's in the top-right corner: 

Fill out the form and set their user permissions:

+ New Contact

To create a new contact, select +New Contact

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