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User Contacts


Importing Contacts

Project teams are typically made up of users from different companies. BuildingBlok helps you manage all of your contacts in one place.

You can create company and user contacts with details such as address, phone and notes and then invite those contacts to your projects.

Company Contacts

Company Contacts are a great way to centralize all of the information you have about a specific company. These contacts are typically linked to specific user contacts. When you update the name of a company contact, the company name on linked user contacts will be updated as well, so the company name is consistent.

Create a company contact

People > Companies > New > Company

User Contacts

User Contacts are a great way to centralize all of the information you have about a specific user. These contacts are linked to specific company contact, which helps make sure users are associated with the correct company and that the company name is always consistent.

Create a user contact

People > Contacts > New > Person


Tags are a great way to keep your contacts organized. Whether it's adding a tag for a trade or a specific a list that you want to invite to a project or send an invitation to bid to, tags allow flexibility in categorizing your contacts.

Create a Tag

People > Contacts > New > Tag


People > Companies > New > Tag

Manage Tags

People > Contacts > More > Manage Tags


People > Companies > More > Manage Tags

Importing Contacts

If you already have an existing directory that you would like to import, you can use BuildingBlok's contact import wizard.

File type



First Name, Last Name, Email, Company, Job Title, Phone 1, Phone 2, Fax, Address, City, State, Zip Code, County/Locale, Country, Note, Tags (will be split on any , or ; characters)

Import contacts

People > Contacts > More > Import

Undo an import

We all make mistakes and there's to need to worry, you can always undo the last import.

People > Contacts > More > Undo Last Import

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