Below is an overview of main functionalities: 

  1. New Punch-List Item: creates a punch list item
  2. Manage Punch-Lists: create new lists, edit/delete current lists   
  3. Export: allows you to download as PDF or Excel

Enter Punch-List Item details and click Create Punch-List Item.

Once a Punch-List Item has been created, you will have the following options:

  • Mark Complete: marks the item complete and sends it back to the creator for verification
  • Reassign: assign to a different contact
  • Request Clarification: ask creator for more information 
  • Delete: delete the item entry
  • Add a Follower: allows you to give access to ASI for people outside the project and the company 
  • Mark as High Priority: adds a high priority tag
  • Attach a File: allows you to attach an additional file
  • Export PDF: allows you to download the change order as a PDF
  • Send an Email: allows you to send the change order to an email 

Completed Punch-List Item needs to be verified by the creator. This can be done by reviewing the item and selecting Verify button.

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