Learn how to enter and manage your mancount for each day.

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Mancount can help you keep track of the various workers on site for any of your projects.

You can access Mancounts by selecting it from the top menu in any Daily Report. 

To get started adding details to the mancount section, click  Add or Edit Contractor. If you have any other company associated with the project you'll see that company as an option in the drop down menu.Once you select which company you'll be adding the mancount for, will see a variety of pre defined options for different levels of employees. 

The standard of the mancount table is 8 hours per worker.this can be modified to fit your companies needs by simply editing the "# of Man hours worked"  field. It's the same for the Overtime hours; the system defaults to 8 hours per day. Totals, on the right of the mancount table is automatically calculated through any data associated with the worker type it's entered into.

If you find that the worker types provided don't reflect your project workers, then you can add your own worker type by clicking the Add Worker button. This will add a new row for you to name and set values for. In addition, by clicking the trash cans you can eliminate the preset worker categories for a simpler display once saved.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance with adding your mancount. Email: Phone: 800-708-2565                                                 

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