Adding and Inviting Workers

There are a variety of places that you can add new workers: 

•The Timesheets Dashboard

•The Workers menu

•The Timesheets Entries page

Once you click any of the Add worker buttons, you'll see a pop-out window with various fields to fill out. As you enter an email address, worker privileges will appear.

Workers are employees in your company.  When you add a worker, you have two options.

  1. You can invite a real user into the system so they can clock in/out by adding the employee's email address. They'll be sent an email with the information to set their own password. 

  2. Create a placeholder worker, which does not requires a user to be invited. You can do this by not filling in the Email option above. That worker will not have a log in and is mainly for internal record keeping purposes. 

If you do invite an employee, we recommend adding your employee’s mobile phone number as well so they can receive a text message to download the mobile app.

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