Documents allows you to create and manage various documents needed for your project. Once you log in, select Documents, select a desired project and start managing your documents.  

  1. Assigned to Me: this will bring you to the Inbox tool and it allows you to view any tasks assigned to you 
  2. Summary: allows you to see an overview of the project (current screenshot page)
  3. Budgets: view/edit/create budget groups and contracts, award contracts 
  4. Reports: export reports (Actual Cost Summary Report, Budget Summary Report, Budget Detail Report, Contract Activity Report, Cost Accounting Report, Current Summary Report, Job Cost Summary Report, Global Cost Summary Report Pdf, Global Cost Summary Report Xls )
  5. ASIs: manage Architect's Supplemental Instructions 
  6. Change Orders: manage Change Orders
  7. Invoices: generate or approve invoices
  8. Memos: create and distribute memos 
  9. Pay Apps: manage schedule of values/payment applications (this is linked to #2 Budgets)
  10. Punch-Lists: manage punch-lists/punch-list items
  11. RFIs: create, share and respond to Requests for Information
  12. Submittals: create submittal required or submittal logs
  13. To-Do's: manage to-do lists
  14. Project Users: add contacts to the project so they can have visibility/access
  15. Project Settings: allows you to update project information 
  16. Construction Company: view or edit your company location details 
  17. Project #1: view or edit project location details
  18. Construction Document Summary: overview of items assigned to you, in review, completed, overdue or all. 
  19. New Document: create new documents using the drop down menu by clicking + New Document

Within each document type (numbers 5-13 on the screenshot above), you will see the following tabs on the left hand side of the individual documents:

  • Overview: this page is visible when you first open a document. It shows document details and actions. 
  • Activity & Notes: this is a newsfeed of your document activities, any changes/notes/updates will be visible here. 
  • Files: any relevant files uploaded can be accessed through this tab. This is also linked to Files tool on the main Dashboard. 
  • Followers: see who has access to the document or add a follower. When you add a follower, that person will have access to the document but not the project.  
  • Approval Chain: view who has the privilege to approve the documents. This can be updated through the project settings. Please see the article for more details. 
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