As you may have noticed, there tons of exciting changes happening here at BuildingBlok!  So what's new?

Column filters for document logs

What else? We've introduced column filters for all your documents. Now you can save time and effort by filtering directly from within each column, rather than fussing around with the single filter button you've used before. Check it out below!

Payment Application PDF

You told us you wanted a more streamlined, standardized pay app PDF and we made it happen. Don't worry- all the information you need is still there; we just simplified the layout. We've moved the change order summary to the bottom left to create more rooms for signatures on the right. That's it!

Project switcher

Last but not least, we've added a way for you to quickly navigate between your favorite projects. From within any project, you can now click the project name at the top to expose a drop down menu of your favorite projects so that you can quickly jump between them. You'll need to have at least one project "favorited" before this appears.

As always, we're here for you if you have any questions. Give our support team a call at (800) 708-2565 or chat us using the chat icon on the right.

Happy building!

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