If you already have an existing address book and would like to import that contact information into BuildingBlok, go to People:

From People's page, click More and select Import from the drop down menu: 

In order for your address book to be imported properly, feel free to download the sample CSV file

Once you Choose File and click Import, you can choose which columns you would like to import, ensuring Equivalent in BuildingBlok row values match the Columns in Your File row values. When all matched correctly, select Verify and Save. This will prompt the import and you will the a notification in green as shown below. 

Remove last import

If you made a mistake and would like to UNDO your most recent import, click Remove Last Import on the left side bar.

If you think your list of contacts have disappeared, you will have to remove filters. To do this, click All Contacts tab, select Clear Filters and the contacts will appear. If you have a long list of contacts in your system, please allow additional time for the data to load.  

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