The People tab allows you to organize all of your employees, workers, and contacts in one location. You can access your contacts throughout BuildingBlok when inviting users to a project or invitation to bid. 

There are 3 types of records that can be created in People's tab:

Employees are users that are part of your company and have been invited to use BuildingBlok.

Workers are users that have been invited to use BuildingBlok for Timesheets and timecard tracking. 

Contacts can either be:

  1. An existing user in BuildingBlok that is not linked to your company.
  2. A regular address book contact that is not linked to any user in BuildingBlok.

Once you Log in to your BuildingBlok account, select People on the left hand side bar: 

To add a new employee, select + New and choose Employee as the type of contact: 

Fill out the form and make sure to edit permissions:

To create a contact, select +New -> Contact

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