Projects allow you to tag a worker's time to a specific location and connect it with an actual project. 

Add Project

To add a project , you can go to the "Projects" section.

This will take you to a list of all projects already made or inform you that you don't have any active projects. In either case, you can select "+ Start a Project" to proceed.

Once "+Add Project" is clicked, you'll have a pop up window appear with a form for you to input all the details of the project. 

Two fields of this form are required: Name, and Project Number. This means that each project made must have a unique name and number. For example, our system recognizes a project number being blank as one possible project number. If you try to make another project without a project number, the system will block you. Alternatively, you can also use letters in the Project Number field.

Once you click save, workers and managers alike will be able to use that project in their shift details at will.

Let us know if you have any issues with this, we're glad to help!
800-708-2565, support@buildingblok.com

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